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Bilge Pump Float Switch (12 – 24 – 32 VDC)

Bilge Pump Float Switch (12 – 24 – 32 VDC)
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SEAFLO Bilge Pump Float Switch

Industry-Leading 4-Year Warranty!

Flawless operation! Year after year,SEAFLO 12-24-32-VDC Bilge Pump Float Switches are the Switch of choice for selective boaters all over the world. Featuringqualitydesign and constructionto offerreliable engagement of your bilge pump. For pumps drawing up to20 amps. SEAFLO float switches are designed for use with fresh water and salt water only.

Product Description

Features & Benefits


  • New mercury free bilge pump float switch.
  • Suitable for use with 12v DC, 24v and 32v DC bilge pumps.
  • Turn pump on when water level reaches 2″ (51mm)-SFBS-20-01
  • Turn pump off when water level reaches 3/4″ (19mm)-SFBS-20-01
  • Ideal flow sensor for bilge pumps
  • Heavy duty flow switch is designed for the toughest applications
  • For pumps drawing up to20 Amps
  • Ignition Protected
  • For use in 12-24-32 VDC Applications
  • Instruction Manual Included
Model SFBS-20-01
Max Amps 12volts 20A
Max Amps 24volts 10A
Wire Length 1 m
Wire Gauge Size 18
N.W./G.W. (kg) 0.16/0.18

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