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Battery Disconnect Switch

Battery Disconnect Switch

SEAFLO Battery Cut-Off Switch

Industry-Leading 4-Year Warranty!

Protect your RV by installing this SEAFLO Battery Master Switch.Rated at 275A continuous, 450A intermittent, 1250A cranking and 48V.Can be recessed or surface mounted.

Product Description

SEAFLO Battery Disconnect Switch

Features & Benefits


Removable side plates for access of up to 1/0 cables plus a rear cover insulating the rear

terminals against any short circuits.
ABS Anti-aging, Anti-ultraviolet.
May be connected to either the positive or the negative electric cable.

Typical Applications
RV & Campers


Technical Date

Max.Volt (V) 50
Amp Draw (A) 275
Max Amp Draw (A) 1250
Switch Position 2
Packing Size 78x78x80 mm
N.W/GW 0.20/0.30 kg

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